Portrait of Pierre Maubouché, professional voice-over actorMy name is Pierre Maubouché, I'm a professional French voice over actor, working bot h in French and in accented-English. This page is dedicated to my voice over biography. I've been working in the media for over 40 years (yes, I started young): first as a radio host back in the days when radio stations were pirate and hazy. Then as a copywriter in advertising agencies (Publicis, Lintas, Ted Bates...) where I signed many campaigns and produced a plethora of TV and radio spots. And finally as a full-time voice over actor since 1994.

I'm known for working in deep,grainy, masculine, warm or seductive voice over style, but also in more composed, human, credible and sincere voice over genres.

Biography of video game voice-over artist Pierre Maubouche

Among my clients in French commercial voice over, I've worked with hundreds of advertisers: Apple, McDonald's, Indeed, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Artois, Glenfiddich,Coca Cola, Playstation, Dell, Xbox, Fanta, Kellogg's, BMW, Sony, Asics, Renault, General Electric, HP, Versace, Heineken, Suzuki, Polaroid, Kleenex, Levi's, Visa, Kikkoman, to name but a few. I've also lent my voice to hundreds of corporate films, industrial videos, motion designs etc. As I am bilingual in French and English, I work in both languages, with French accent from subtle to comically exaggerated in English.

On-air packaging Pierre MaubouchéI've had the pleasure of recording network imaging for a number of channels: continuity voice for ESPN France for almost 12 years from the channel's launch to its closure, Discovery, and Téléfoot. I have also recorded hundreds of promos, liners, sweepers and bumpers for MTV, National Geographic, CNN, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, Sky Sports (...)

Video games and character work are also genres that keep me busy. I've worked on many award-winning games such as Riders Republic (for which I also directed the French dub for Ubisoft), Disco Elysium, Metal Gear Solid, Guitar Hero, Medieval Total War 2, Heavenly Sword, MotoGP, Colin McRae and many more, as well as cartoons and animations.

Biography of voice-over for Netflix series Pierre Maubouché

I've also worked with Netflix on these series (right) as a casting director and dubbing producer, and have worked on the French localisation of most of them as a voice over talent.

I've contributed to a number of films, including The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, Hotel Rwanda, Kingdom Of Heaven, Munich, Troy, Master & Commander, Shooting Dogs, Vanity Fair, among many others.

Biography audio books Pierre Maubouché

I narrate documentaries and audiobooks, a completely atypical discipline in voice over work, and one that I'm just as fond of.

I maintain a voice over blog which covers different aspects of the industry, demystifies the profession and puts a lot of preconceived ideas about voiceover acting to bed. I share advice, tips and tricks both for my colleagues and for anyone working in the industry. I teach voice over acting, passing on what I've learned in the course of my career.

My Youtube channel The French Voice is dedicated to my work as a voice over artist. You can find a number of projects I've worked on here.
I'm also behind the Youtube channel Sources d'Inspiration, which presents my personal work. It features inspirational videos, bringing together quotes from great thinkers, artists, poets, philosophers and scientists, motivational and inspirational texts, by theme or author.

I now split my time between France and the UK, working in studios in Paris and London, as well as from my own recording studio, in the South-West of France. I'm the proud father of twin boys and a die-hard biker, have been practising martial arts for as long as I can remember, find the carpentry and renovation work on our barn meditative, and love cooking for my family and friends. So there you have it, or almost everything!