My recording studio is not a 'home studio.' It is a true professionally designed and built facility, built and equipped to provide the best possible sound quality. The sound booth and control room are soundproofed and have received dedicated acoustic treatment. The sound booth produces a matte and neutral sound without being 'muffled,' with an exceptionally low floor noise of -80 dB RMS. The booth measures 4.10m in length, 2.60m in width, and 2.75m in height, while the control room measures 4.10m in length, 6.50m in width, and 2.75m in height.

It is equipped with the same equipment found in the best commercial post-production studios: Neumann U87 microphones, Sennheiser MKH 416, CAD Equitek E100 1st Edition for vintage sound, preamp, Avalon VT-737SP, SSL2+ sound card, Pro Tools Studio DAW software, iMac, PMC tb2S+ midfield monitors, Fostex proximity monitors, Bryston monitor preamplification.

It's a recording studio that meets the most demanding professional standards: most of the TV & web spots, network imaging, corporate films and videos, motion design and e-learning, documentaries, audio books, audio guides etc. for which I record the voice-overs are done here. Of course, I travel to commercial studios when necessary, particularly for video games for which face-to-face training is often essential.

It is possible to remotely monitor and direct the session using tools like Source Connect or Cleanfeed, Session Link Pro, with synchronized film sharing in real-time during both recording and playback, through platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet.

This is a 1mn audio presentation of my studio demonstrating its sound. It is a 24bit/48kHz WAV file, dry, raw, not cleaned and not treated in any way (no EQ, no compression or anything else)

Pierre Maubouché Source-Connect Certification

A warm and extremely versatile voice which is a pleasure to record. Whether in the studio with you or working remotely, Pierre is a pleasure to work with. His understanding of our needs and his technical skills also make him an invaluable asset to any recording session

Stewart Barnes, Sound Engineer and Owner, GuiltFreePost

Great studio Pierre! But to be honest you would sound great on a tin can and a piece of string

Michael Powell, Head of Sound, Prodigious Worldwide

As a sound engineer working in a high-end London facility, I’m also really impressed with the quality of voice recordings produced by his own studio.

Iain Grant, Sound Engineer, WAM London (ex-Triangle)

His ability to record, edit and clean up the takes directly from his own facility with a sound worthy of the best Soho studios, giving us the welcomed option to remotely live-produce the session, saved us so much time. I can't wait to work with him again 

Nick Bartleet, Director

Studio build

Few pictures of the recording studio being built