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Voice over blog

Voice over blog


This voice over blog gives you advice and tips, but also tells you some uncomfortable truths about the voice over profession (yes, it's a profession in its own right), disrupts some ridiculous preconceptions, shelves some voice over myths, doesn't promise you the moon, and advocates hard work. Like I said, a voice over blog with a difference.

Of course, this discourages some who would have given up anyway when faced with the harsh reality of the industry. You might think I'm being a bit harsh, but in reality, I'm doing them a favour. Faced with illusions of easy success (after all, it can't be that difficult, we all talk, right?), exposed to continuous failures (we are rejected during casting 90% of the time), and unwilling to invest time in training (I'm not talking about the offerings of snake oil merchants selling tainted stardust who often gesticulate on the internet), without tenacity and commitment, they were bound to fail.

But if you're really, truly determined to become a voice-over actor against all the odds... with a valiant heart nothing is impossible, or almost. I also warmly encourage you to follow me on my Linkedin profile, Facebook page, my Instagram account and my Twitter account , where I regularly share links to articles about the voice over and audio post-production industry. Happy reading! PLEASE NOTE: some of these articles are machine-translated and in the process of being human-translated. Thank you or bearing with me while this is being done.

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