French voice over rates

French voice over rates

French voice over rates

This page sets out the voice over rates I offer, the different scales applied, and what is included in these rates. Being bilingual, I work in French and also in French-accented voice over - voice over rates are the same for both languages.

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Why is there such a rate disparity between voice talent?

Voice over rates vary widely. A professional voice over talent will offer you higher rates than an amateur who does voice over as a hobby. Expect different results! Fortunately, your ears - and those of your clients and the consumers - will easily tell the difference between the two.
We all know that voice-overs are an investment, not an expense. It's obvious: an investment of 10 that gives a return of 1 is a bad investment. An investment of 100 that gives a return of 10,000 is a good investment.
If you employ voice over talent for projects you're working on for your clients, investing in a competent and talented voice professional will ensure you deliver high-quality work with added value - and that your clients will return with other projects.

Voice over rates always depend on a number of factors

  • the type of work (TV spot and billboard, corporate film, web promo, on-air package, video game, documentary, cartoon, audio book, museum audio guide, etc.)
  • use of recording by type of workvoice over rates

The units used to calculate these rates also vary according to the type of work:

  • tarif session for all recordings made in a commercial studio or since my studio remote monitoring by the customer (generally applicable to TV & web advertising sessions / billboards...)
  • exploitation rights - the legal term being 'neighbouring rights'. They apply to all recordings broadcast excluding internal communications. They are calculated mainly as a percentage of the session rate, depending on the broadcast medium(s), the duration of the broadcast and the territories covered.
  • rate per word or per finished minute for corporate films for internal distribution, e-learning, audio books (finished minute = 150 words on average)
  • package for institutional films, motion designs and web promos
  • custom rates for other projects

PLEASE NOTE: my rates are negotiable depending on the volume, and recurrence if applicable.
These rates are not contractual. They are given for information only.

Session 200 € / hr (invoiced)
Tapering rate according to the duration booked

Session 300 invoiced (1 hour is generally sufficient for 1 spot)
Operating rights (also known as neighbouring rights): calculated as a percentage of the session rate, applied in addition to the session rate. This reference scale is a British scale drawn up in collaboration with Equity (actors' union) and covers international exploitation rights.

Example1-year broadcast, mainland France, national TV channels: 500%, i.e. €1,500

Worth noting The length of the spot or the number of words doesn't matter.
The rate is degressive depending on the length of the broadcast, the media and the territories targeted.

Main rights applicable in addition to the session price (calculated as a percentage of the session price)

  • TV mainland France, 1 year: 500% billed (add 100% to include DOM-TOM)
  • Metropolitan France cinema, 1 year: 500% billed (add 100% to include DOM-TOM)
  • Internet - free distribution, also known as organic distribution (no purchase of space):
    Client website, Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Linkedin accounts, Youtube/Vimeo client channels: from €450 (50%) to €900 (200%) depending on the size of the advertiser, invoiced (low bracket for small structures, specialised sectors with a limited audience).
  • Internet with purchase of space AND free distribution:
    - Sponsored adverts on social networks, geotargeting France, 1 year PLUS free web distribution: 450% invoiced
  • YouTube pre-roll, geotargeting France, 1 year: 300% billed

Discount for 'group purchase' (example: TV + cinema + internet): please contact me.
For coverage of territories not mentioned (e.g. Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, French-speaking Africa, etc.): please contact me.

850 invoiced

200 invoiced

Tailor-made rates based on volume and recurrence

Session Tapering rate according to the duration booked.

Package 1000 € invoiced

Strictly internal, with no web or offline distribution, no exhibition/trade show presentation, etc. - such as raising safety awareness in a factory, a film explaining a product's manufacturing processes to potential customers, shown at meetings or on the intranet, etc.
300/1000 words, degressive (minimum: €300) - invoiced

300/1000 words, degressive (minimum: €300)- invoiced

To be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, rate depending on volume and recurrence

30 per advert. Minimum: €200 - invoiced

These voiceover rates include :

  • script preparation
  • professional studio (specifications here)
  • removal of bad takes (de-rushing), complete cleaning of takes
  • image registration (if film supplied)
  • playback & quality control
  • digital transmission of the recording
  • replications (if these are the result of an error on my part)

These voiceover rates do not include :

  • mix with music and SFX (on request)
  • cutting and file naming for more than 20 files (€1/file)


  • The scripts provided to me must be the final version, validated by the Client This prevents the need for a new session, saving you time and money. In the event of script changes after recording, pickups will be charged based on their quantity (minimum 100€).

IMPORTANT: if you are working with images, please provide a QuickTime file in .mov format if possible.