Voice over coaching

Voice over coaching

Voice over coaching: what I offer

How do I become a voice over artist? A question that comes up a lot... You'd like to work as a voice actor? You'd like to develop your ability to meet your clients' expectations? You'd like to improve your interpretations, move from a 'mechanical' approach to a deeper understanding of the script, enrich your craft or perfect certain aspects of it, for example to correct bad habits that have become ingrained over the years?

You're not a voice over talent, but you do public speaking as part of your work, and you want a more confident voice with more impact? A voice that connects, that's more solid, that people listen to?

First of all, I invite you to read my article Voice Over Training, Coaching, Mentoring, and Scamming. I also invite you to get to know me better by discovering my work and my biography, and exploring my Youtube channel. You can also take a look at a sample of my Client list and reading what they say about me. You can also find me on social networks: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where I regularly post content related to the voice over industry.

If, after that, you'd like to do some voice-over coaching with me, the next step I ask anyone who wants to work together to take is to read each of the articles in my voice over blog. You'll find answers to many of the questions you might have. As well as offering an insight into the various aspects of our profession honed by over 30 years in the industry, my blog also (I hope) gives a good idea of my work ethic.

So you've studied, practised, researched and you're ready?

Individual voice over coaching by Zoom

In my coaching, the emphasis is on personalised, individual follow-up.

The programme includes :

  • a monthly Zoom 1.5 hr session
  • either as a Q&A session, or as a recording session, and of course a mix of the two
  • covering the areas you would like to work on: interpreting, listening skills, voice-over marketing, etc.

Price: €135/month - 3 months (consecutive) minimum. Payment at the start of the programme - discount 5% for 6-month (consecutive) package
Exception: it is possible to take a single session if you have more than 10 years' experience in the profession and wish to work on a specific point or cover voice-over marketing.

Options (also available outside the programme)

  • 1.5 hr directed session: €135 (€165 excluding the programme)
  • website review (usability, navigation, SEO, etc.) from the point of view of a casting director: €120 (€160 excluding the programme)
  • demos - evaluation and practical advice: €70 (€100 excluding programme)


Real voice-over coaching: no golden gooseI didn't set up this programme to sell golden eggs and get fat on dreams. I've said it before and I'll say it again, voice-over acting isn't for everyone, as I explain in my article The Debutante Ball. As a result, I only work with people who seem to me to be ready for this profession, and who are therefore selected on the basis of an audition.

To better serve the people who choose to work with me in coaching, I focus on them first and foremost and I cannot respond individually to unsolicited requests made by private message on social networks, by email or by telephone. My articles will of course continue to be publicly accessible.


Payment at the start of the programme - no possibility of subsidy.
(Packages are payable in advance and are non-refundable, except in exceptional circumstances)
I am only available during normal working hours, in pre-arranged time slots - some flexibility will of course be possible.
All Zoom sessions must be postponed at least 24 hours in advance.
Confidentiality: some of the people who work with me do not want anyone to know, either because they are well known or for other reasons. Confidentiality is obviously respected if desired.

And finally: an initial telephone consultation is free, to discuss your needs.

I invite interested parties to contact me initially with a link to their website and demo(s) at pierre@voixoff.pro

Voice over workshops

I also run voice over workshops. The emphasis is on TV/web advertising and corporate work, which are the main sources of income for voice actors: my aim is to give people the tools they need to earn a living from their trade.

  • 100% supervised work to pictures in real conditions in a recording studio
  • 16 hours of DA over 2 days (weekend), with sound engineer and artistic director (me)
  • work on TV, web and institutional spots
  • number of participants strictly limited to 8

These courses are aimed at voice over talent who want to progress in their craft and develop their activity, by giving them the keys to working better and more:

  • develop your scripting skills to move from reading to speaking
  • learn to follow the artistic direction in a guided session
  • learning to self-direct by deciphering script codes

Participants are accepted by audition.

The voice over workshops take place in Toulouse or Montpellier. The cost is €850. This covers teaching AND the hire of a recording studio with sound engineer for a weekend.

To pre-register, contact me by email at pierre@voixoff.pro

Student feedback

This course is perfect if you want to learn all the different facets of the voice over profession! We talk about the voice, of course, but also acoustics, soundproofing, equipment, communication...
Pierre's approach is always fair and human, and he has the ability to make us realise that this is a real profession and that having a beautiful voice is not enough.
Recording in a professional studio puts you right in the thick of things and pushes you to give it your best shot, without cheating.
So I'd recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn the whole business and make rapid progress!

Audrey Lemeur almvoixoff.com

At first I admit that I found the price of the course rather high and I didn't really know what to expect. When I left I didn't want the weekend to end, it was more than a course, it was a dream. As a novice, I discovered what voice-over was all about, and although I was working alongside experienced trainees, at no point did I feel left out or out of my depth, under Pierre's kind and encouraging eye. I also learnt to push myself, not to compare myself and to become aware of and confident in my own uniqueness.
I was fascinated by the generosity of Pierre, who doesn't hesitate to pass on all his knowledge and experience, without holding back. During the course, he gave all his attention and expertise to each of us, helping us to bring out the best in ourselves and to deploy the full specificity of our vocal signature.
I always say to myself that the most generous teachers are the most talented, because they've understood that passing on their knowledge won't make them lose it, but on the contrary, it only increases it, aware and serene of their value. I'm delighted with my investment, and thank you Pierre for giving me this opportunity.

Gaëlle Kieffer

The course I took with Pierre was of great benefit to me. His rigour, professionalism and sound advice helped me to get my voice-over career off the ground.
He's no slouch when it comes to tips and top-notch advice... and his generosity and expertise are a credit to him! I can only say a thousand thanks for everything Pierre has given me, and it's always a real pleasure to talk to him. I can say it: a course with Pierre Maubouché, there's a before and an after!
The simplicity and rigour of your teaching are inescapable. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.

Philippe Bassot happy-voice-off profile

Pierre explains how to approach a text in its deepest nature: no superfluousness, no artifice, just our sensibility laid bare to give the text its full meaning.  

Valerie Marinelli voixoff-feminine.fr

I was lucky enough to take a training course with Pierre in 2022. Personal feedback is sometimes necessary when you've got your head in the sand. I appreciated his attentiveness, his kindness and his professionalism, which gave me a real boost! 

Clotilde Donna voiceclotildedonna.com

I took a two-day course with Pierre Maubouché and Stéphanie Dumouch nearly 3 years ago. This dense and intense course introduced me to the voice-over profession with enthusiasm, accuracy and a clear understanding of its reality. Since then, I've become a professional voiceover artist and I'm happy to make a living from my work. I highly recommend this course. 

Eva Kopp evavoixoff.com

The training I took with Pierre Maubouché was decisive in my career as a voice-over artist. His advice is still very useful to me today. 

Nathalie Kent

Pierre pushes us to our limits to give the best of ourselves while remaining attentive to the student's needs. I really appreciated it and it helped me to question myself in order to progress. Thank you 

Nathalia Art nathalia-art.com

A top quality course in which Pierre Maubouché passes on his knowledge of how to interpret a voice-over in a very educational way... all in a joyful... but studious atmosphere! The little extra: the Master is not stingy with advice and anecdotes about the profession. 

Claire Pradalié clairepradalie.com

I was lucky enough to take part in Pierre's training course. During the course, you listen, share, interpret, build and refine, all in real-life conditions with a top-notch team.
It was a great time for me, a work bubble with lots of laughs, where I met some wonderful people.
His keen ear and tailor-made analyses mean we leave with specific avenues to work on. Thank you Pierre 🙂

Leyla Hamilton leylahamilton.com

Pierre has given me a valuable insight into my work, as well as personalised, relevant advice on how to improve my performance. His artistic direction makes it possible to work in detail, to become aware of areas for improvement and to maximise my potential. I'd definitely recommend him!

Sara Pereira voxingpro profile

I decided to do Pierre Maubouché's bootcamp because I'd heard nothing but praise for him and his training. Not to mention the fact that he's a big name in his field.
Well, I wasn't disappointed! The training exceeded my expectations. Pierre put us at ease straight away, was very generous in sharing a wealth of extremely valuable information with us, and got us to work on the image in real recording conditions under his artistic direction.
He teaches us how to be professional and gives us all the tools we need to do so, encouraging us to be authentic and to push ourselves. He adapts to every profile, and he doesn't mince his words! He's a pleasure to work with. I felt a real difference in my performance after this course.
Even afterwards, Pierre makes himself available for coaching, questions at all levels and advice.

Amanda Wilson amandawilson.fr

This week I had the immense pleasure of a coaching session with Pierre, and even though I left the session with my eyes crossed, it was a really great experience. Don't hesitate to contact him, because he can get you out of your comfort zone! 

Stephanie Matard stephaniematard.com

2 very full days of training with Pierre! Hours of enriching conversations about voice, its professions and sectors, marketing and understanding scripts, but also practice galore with feedback that was always kind and instructive. A little nugget that helped me develop my business. Thanks again Pierre!

Charlotte Jardat charlottevoixoff.com

I wanted to treat myself to a bootcamp with Pierre MAUBOUCHÉ. Sincere, frank, patient and a good listener, he's not stingy with his advice. Good humour and kindness were the order of the day. We made progress in conditions that were realistic in terms of timing, soundtrack and texts. I came away with sound advice, a unique studio experience and a great desire to continue to grow in this profession. Thank you, Pierre. 

Clara Thébault

I had the pleasure of being coached by Pierre in 1 to 1 and of taking part in the advanced voice-over weekend that he offers. These sessions with Pierre were incredibly enriching. Pierre really takes time for his students. He gave me invaluable tips and tools, got me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to seek out new resources that enriched my acting and my proposals. Pierre's generosity and expertise really make for a comprehensive and rewarding training programme. 

Émilie Lucet emilielucet-voixoff.fr

If you're looking for someone to sugarcoat things, look elsewhere! If you're seeking to be challenged (with kindness), gather real advice, and gain insights into the profession, then you're in the right place. Personally, I underwent training via Zoom. The script, the voice, the intonation, the intention—everything is analyzed and tailored, truly.

Freddy Beller bellervoix.fr

In my various experiences with Pierre, whether in work sessions or training, I have always greatly appreciated both the personal and professional aspects. The training sessions are not like traditional "courses," but truly involve a conversational and transmission approach. They are very comprehensive as they cover all aspects: professional behavior, technical and physical aspects, a real breakdown of the work, etc. As a bonus, a long career that inevitably enriches this content! There is a fluidity with a very human foundation, making one eager to meet him again. Another big THANK YOU. 

France Menard-baudin francemenardbaudin.com

Pierre is a meticulous coach who will tease out talents you didn't even know you had! He gives honest feedback and great directions. Pierre is a fantastic person to have on your side, a true mentor who cares about his students. 

Kitty Lyddon kittylyddonvo.com

My Zoom voice over coaching sessions with Pierre has brought me assurance and self-confidence where I doubted my abilities. Additionally, it provided techniques and exercises to better convey emotion in my voice delivery on projects and to modulate my pace. I highly recommend this coaching to anyone looking to improve their ease in both virtual and in-person settings, as well as in technical aspects. 

Rachel Robert rachelvoixoff.fr

I took part in one of Pierre Maubouché's voice over workshops. Forget everything you ever thought you knew. In a small group, with no frills and no detours, Pierre is there to take you out of your comfort zone. On the first day, I thought I was back being a noob. We sweat, we tremble, we do, undo, redo, then under his artistic direction with accurate, precise advice, and always with kindness, we rediscover ourselves to come out with the right tone. In particular, you'll learn how to work under real conditions in a guided session, how to decipher and speak a text, from advertising to corporate, and everything in between. Intense but necessary, this bootcamp-style course will add real value to your work, helping you to progress and get ahead. Yesterday on the radio, today on TV, thank you Pierre. 

Sonia 'So' Arnaud

I was really looking forward to this course and I wasn't disappointed... Pierre shares his experience and knowledge with great generosity. His demanding artistic direction simply leads us to express the best of ourselves, what makes our voice unique, in the service of a project as a whole. I came away from the course with a fresh approach to the way I approach a script, with a greater awareness of my abilities, and above all, with the desire to continue!

Hortense Capelle

Pierre Maubouché, with his many years of experience in the art of voice over, was an excellent teacher who taught me some very useful techniques that helped me hone my skills in the field.
His commercial voice over workshop, which I took in October 2020, was a particularly wonderful and rewarding experience, which he led with brio!
Many thanks to Pierre Maubouché, who is not only a highly talented artist but also a deeply human and generous person.

Matthew Vanston matthew-vanston.fr

I wanted to thank you sincerely for this weekend workshop. What a privilege to work in such an exceptional setting! But above all, it was a real wake-up call for me... I'm going back home with enough in my suitcase to manage on my own, having realised just how demanding this job is. Thank you for sharing your experience and your passion with such finesse. In the end, I hope one day to succeed in doing what you do so well: to succeed in giving, for the time of a story, a little piece of yourself in all simplicity and with great humility.

I had the opportunity to take part in a workshop with Pierre and I have to say that his human approach really touched me. He succeeds in bringing us out of our shell and teaching us to simply 'be'. It's not always easy, but it's so rewarding. I really recommend his coaching to anyone looking to gain confidence in this area. Personally, I'm leaving with a toolbox full of invaluable advice and renewed motivation to stir up emotions! Thanks again Pierre. 

Angèle Lambert

I was lucky enough to take Pierre's course recently. It was a revelation. I came away completely shaken up, because Pierre managed to take me where I'd never been before, in the real conditions of a professional studio. Bad habits were shaken up, the mind was opened up, the approach to the script became more organic, more simplified, more sensitive and subtle. I came back even more passionate than before, with the desire to progress further and further and to deliver my uniqueness without artifice through scripts!
What's more, Pierre gives a wealth of advice and information to help you make a quantum leap forward. It's an essential booster! Thank you again Pierre for your kindness and your sharing.

Lili Meyer Bodalgo Profile

Pierre shares his experience with us with generosity and kindness. Demanding, unfiltered and sometimes destabilising, he pushes us beyond our comfort zone to give the best of ourselves...
We come away enriched, motivated, with keys and directions to work on, aware of our abilities. A big thank you, Pierre!

Frédérique Foray Soundcloud profile