Voice over training, coaching, mentoring, and scamming

Preliminary advice on ALL voice over training

Before you take any voice over coaching or training course, I implore you, your wallet will thank you later: please find out about the person or persons who will be training you.

Some of my voice over colleagues, casting directors and producers are very good coaches. Unfortunately, there's also a plethora of unscrupulous people on the internet who stare at your wallet, promising you the moon on the pretext of a glorious past in a profession vaguely related to voice over work, a past which is often non-existent or half-invented. And trust me, I'm not exaggerating. Or rather, don't trust me and do a Google search: you'll find some gems...

It's simple: run away if you're promised the moon - a con artist will never tell you that voice over acting isn't for everyone, and maybe not for you. Even if your ego doesn't agree, choose honesty over flattery.

Are the coaches you are considering voice over talent themselves? Casting directors? Artistic directors? Producers? What is their portfolio? Their reputation? Their credibility in the business? Their experience? Their ethics? What do the people who have worked with them have to say about them? Does what they say about themselves correspond with what they have done?

voice-over trainingVisit their website, their Linkedin profile, their Facebook business page, their Youtube channel, their Instagram and Twitter accounts... Do they share interesting links about the profession or do they only post about themselves? Are they promising the goose that lays the golden egg, or are they being honest in their approach and in what they say? If they claim to be successful voice over artists, is this reflected in a prestigious and consistent portfolio that can be verified on their website or Youtube channel? If not, why not? When you work, you show it. When you have nothing to show, you show phoney awards, you lie about your popularity, in short, you rip people off. Do you really want to put your career in the hands of a dishonest person?

It's a bit of detective work, I grant you, but it's essential if you don't want to be ripped off by fairground clowns... and if you want to get the training YOU need.

I offer individual voice over coaching via Zoom and workshops. To find out more, please visit my page Voice over coaching.